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webinar header Prof. Dr. Sauder from Stuttgart


As you can imagine, we are amidst an unprecedented environment regarding our LiveSurgery held by Gangolf Sauder. 
The daily news about COVID-19 and its impact on our world leaves us in a very unhappy situation. The speed and uncertainty brought by this virus is breath taking. 
We are sure you will understand the postponing of LiveSurgery from March 27th to a date in the near future. We will keep you informed.

Stay healthy and keep on fighting the virus.



Paradigm Shift in RLE

Live Surgery
Hosted by Prof. G. Sauder // Charlottenklinik Stuttgart

Date: 27. March 2020
Time: 4:00 pm (MEZ)
Duration: 45-60 Minutes
Price: Complimentary

Key learning objectives:
* Liberty2 (Dual Lens System) & AddOn IOL surgery
* RLE through CETUS Nano-Laser 
* Surgery performed 100% with single use instrumentation 

Invitation is necessary. You want to join? Please contact us directly.