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Excellent results: 1stQ AddOn® intraocular lenses in EuroTimes

Safe implantation, reversibility, high quality of vision, and long-term visual comfort: We are proud that EuroTimes magazine, published by the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), has just published a supplementary issue with the title: Sulcus-based enhancement of visual quality’. 


Committed to our 1stQ AddOn® intraocular lenses, this special edition provides an in-depth look at the innovative and unique design features that reflect the unique challenges of the special implant site, the ciliary sulcus. 


Highlighting the benefits for patients implanted with any lens in the 1stQ AddOn® supplementary lens family, the current supplement issue presents clinical evidence based on excellent clinical outcomes. Not only are efficient refractive fine-tuning and special applications discussed in the chapters, but also the premium features of the lenses: safe implantation, reversibility, high quality of vision, and long-term visual comfort. It also features some novel applications, such as the dual implantation approach, and a newly launched multicenter clinical trial. 


The 1stQ AddOn® has successfully shown it is feasible to provide the full range of visual comfort for pseudophakic patients combined with safe implantation in the ciliary sulcus.


Here you can read the supplemental edition: